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Vaser Body Contouring

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Stubborn fat deposits difficult to shift by exercise and diet are a common complaint. Both males and females will have areas that are more prone to storing those fatty deposits. Common areas are the abdomen, love handles, outer or inner thighs, legs or arms. Males also collect fat on the chest. Regaining the body shape you once had seems to be difficult possibly due to a busy lifestyle.


Vaser Liposuction under local Anaesthetic

  • Experts in Vaser body contouring, skilfully sculpting, eliminating & removing your unwanted fat deposits in a single treatment
  • Multiple areas can be treated in one treatment using Vaser liposuction technology
  • Safe and effective treatment under local anaesthetic with speedy recovery times

Satisfaction Promise

  • Recovery time of normally just 2 days with post-op garment wear for a further 6 weeks for optimum results

  • Treatment time of usually just 2 hours

  • Prices from £2400

  • Visible results

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