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Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is currently one of the most popular aesthetic treatments for both men and women. Our Laser Hair Removal, carried out within our Manchester Clinic, can achieve dramatic results to obtain permanent removal or substantial reduction in hair after the course of treatment.

We use the Lumenis lightsheer diode laser system, which is the gold standard within the hair removal market and is FDA approved – meaning it has been rigorously tested for safety and effectiveness. Our lasers are highly efficient meaning that fewer sessions are required. They also have a cooling technology to enhance patient comfort.

To find out more about the procedure, please visit our technology and treatment page.


Why choose Skin Medical For Laser Hair Removal?

✔ Clinic conveniently located in Manchester City Centre

✔ Free patch test

✔ Clinical consultation

✔ Price match promise

✔ 30% discount when booking a course


What sets Skin Medical apart from high-street beauty salons and many cosmetic centres in Manchester is our expert medical approach. We are registered to comply with the Health And Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2010 and our procedures are approved by the Care Quality Commission, which monitors all medical practices within England, including the NHS. Many hair removal service providers do not meet the high standards required for approval.

Skin Medical is staffed by skilled clinical professionals who have the training and experience to ensure all our patients receive safe, highly effective treatment.


Laser hair removal vs ipl

It is worth noting that many clinics and salons, both in Manchester and beyond, claim to offer laser when in fact they are using the inferior IPL (intense pulsed light) machine. IPL has a broader light spectrum so is far less precise at targeting hairs than lasers, and in some cases this has resulted in patients suffering from increased hair growth or damage to the skin.

Laser hair removal is far more concentrated and as such can provide more precise and accurate results. It is also suitable for all skin types, where are IPL is only appropriate for fair skin. Laser hair removal provides permanent hair reduction.


competitive pricing For Laser Hair Removal

Our hair removal prices at our Manchester practice are affordable, with prices for multiple areas having up to a 50% discount, 30% discounts available for course of 6 bookings and further discounts available on maintenance courses. At consultation the practitioner will discuss with you the expected number of treatments you will require for the desired result.