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Medical Micro Dermabrasion

What is Medical Micro Dermabrasion?

Micro Dermabrasion

Our medical micro-dermabrasion skincare equipment works by passing crystals over your skin to remove old, dead skin cells. This is one of the most natural ways to regain the youthful appearance of skin without the use of chemicals or surgery, leading to extended periods of irritation and redness. Medical micro dermabrasion skincare treatments are ideal for anyone who wants to improve their skin’s appearance and create a foundation for building new skin that responds to complimentary treatments such as the IPL or NLite laser. The treatment is also ideal as a skin maintenance treatment, with our practitioners performing a mini facial/face mask treatment during the medial micro dermabrasion treatment.

what does the medical micro dermabrasion treatment involve?

Our clinical practitioners use a hand-piece to gently pass crystals over the skin’s surface, resurfacing the superficial layers. As the crystals contact the skin, they remove old, dead, and flaking skin cells, which are removed by vacuum suction, and the crystals exfoliate and polish the skin beneath.

Skin affected by acne, scarring and moderate wrinkles due to sun damage and other pigmentation problems can benefit from medical micro dermabrasion. The procedure rejuvenates the skin by removing the dull, lifeless, sun-damaged epidermis and stimulating the production of new skin cells and collagen. Optimum results can be achieved by a combination of medical micro dermabrasion and laser treatments.

Our medical staff are trained to perform medical micro dermabrasion, giving our clients a safe and effective skincare treatment.

What are the benefits of Medical Micro Dermabrasion?

Each medical micro dermabrasion treatment takes approximately 30 minutes. Quite often the benefits of the treatment are apparent after only one treatment, although additional treatments are recommended for more dramatic, long lasting results.

Clients can experience wrinkle reduction, pigment corrections, and a generally more even skin tone and texture.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments will depend on skin type and condition. Results are usually immediate; however, an average of five or more treatments, spaced about 3-4 weeks apart, will be necessary to achieve a dramatic improvement. For optimum results, maintenance treatments every few months will be required. You will be able to discuss this with your practitioner who will also be able to recommend other treatments or products for your skin type.

Will it hurt?

You may feel some slight irritation during the procedure. Following treatment, you may experience a feeling similar to mild sunburn but this can be easily treated with a moisturiser.

When will I see the results?

You should notice an immediate result, although you may want to continue treatments for a more dramatic effect.