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Your Consultation

Not all Clinics are the same

Your Consultation and Care Quality CommissionAt Skin Medical we are governed and licensed by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the UK government body who also regulate and audit the NHS. At Skin Medical, we embrace the quality standards and guidelines stipulated by them. These include standards about:

  1. Quality of patient service to achieve optimum outcomes and results
  2. Patient safety and care
  3. Clinical staff training and competencies
  4. Patient confidentiality and dignity

So, whether you decide to visit us or not, make sure that you research whether your chosen clinic is licensed by the CQC by going to and search on ‘find independent providers.’

CQC-licensed clinics are your assurance that you are receiving quality clinical care with regards to both your welfare and health.

As of 1st October 2010 some clinics have been allowed to function without CQC licensing; however, these are not staffed by clinical persons and are not regulated to provide medical services. Such clinics are obliged to charge a standard rate of VAT at 20% when many of these treatments are VAT exempt when provided by state registered clinics such as Skin Medical.

Not All Consultations are the same

It is critical that you receive the most accurate information at your consultation in order for you to make an informed decision regarding treatment options and to weigh up the benefits and risks. At Skin Medical all consultations are with clinicians who provide healthcare assessments which entails reviewing your medical history and healthcare regimen, and physically assessing the proposed treatment area.

Knowing you and your aspirations, we are best able to advise which options are available  and make informed, impartial and personalised recommendations. We do not employ sales personnel or ‘patient coordinators’ who are rewarded on sales. You will be with a clinician throughout the 30 – 45 minute healthcare assessment and consultation.

Always ensure prior to booking that the person you are to meet at consultation is a clinician regulated by the Healthcare Professional Council.

Not All Clinics, whether Licensed by CQC or not, provide impartial advice

Be aware of ‘free’ consultations as these encounters are generally held by persons who are remunerated on a commission basis, whether clinical or non-clinical. If you have arranged such a consultation and the person does not disclose their clinical qualification and how they are remunerated, at the start of meeting you can simply ask them to disclose this.

At Skin Medical no persons are remunerated on a commission basis as we believe we should be impartial at the critical time of imparting knowledge at the consultation.

At Skin Medical we are truly independent. We are not part of a national chain, nor do we reward clinicians based on sales resulting from consultations.

You can arrange your clinical consultation by ringing Manchester 0161 839 7663 or Leeds 01133 230 735.

Skin Medical carries out all procedures at its superbly-equipped clinics based in Manchester and Leeds. For more details, please visit our contact page.