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Meet The Expert Medical Team

Jonathan Hobson
Jonathan Hobson
Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon

Jonathan is a UK trained ear nose and throat surgeon who graduated from the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford. Jonathan commenced his surgical training in London working at the Royal Free Hospital, St. Mary’s, Great Ormond Street and the Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital. He then moved to Manchester where he was an ENT registrar from 2004 – 2011.

In 2010 Jonathan spent a year working in Australia on a prestigious international fellowship with Professor Simon Carney and Dr Sam Robinson. He was able to devote time to advanced rhinology training and developed his expertise in the surgical treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea.

Doctor Angela Robb
Doctor Angela Robb
Cosmetic Doctor

Expertise & Services

Joined Skin Medical in 2011

Brief Highlights

Aesthetic Doctor – Specialising in Body Contouring

Angela was trained and mentored by Dr Grant Hamlet, who pioneered many of the Vaser techniques including Mid & Hi-Definition, Vaser 4D Sculpt and Fat Transfer. She has been performing the Vaser body contouring treatments at Skin Medical clinics on a regular weekly basis since 2011. She has now completed several hundred procedures covering all body areas, including difficult areas such as arms, chin and full legs.

Written patient testimonies and their before and after photographs are available at consultation.

Dr Robb has been a cosmetic doctor in aesthetics for over ten years and also performs minor surgery,such as scar revision, mole removal and other skin imperfections, in both her NHS and private practice. Dr Robb has several years’ experience performing anti-ageing injections including Juvéderm, Botox and, more recently, collagen-building techniques including Sculptra and silhouette thread lifts.

Nurse Helen Smith
Nurse Helen Smith
Clinic Manager

Expertise & Services

Cosmetic Nurse RGN
Independent Nurse Prescriber NIP
Professional Membership
British Association of Cosmetic Nurses, BACN.
Private Independent Aesthetic Practices Association, PIAPA.

Joined Skin Medical in 2004

Brief Highlights

Helen is highly qualified nurse practitioner. She first qualified in 1978 and has since become independent nurse prescriber, whilst also gaining a Diploma in Nursing Studies. She gained experience in the NHS, particularly working in burns and plastic surgery units. Since leaving the NHS in 1999, Helen has worked with various lasers for skin treatments including rosacea, acne, pigmentation and scarring as well as performing anti-ageing treatments. She now has extensive experience in delivering and assisting a variety of both invasive and non-invasive procedures. She has received advanced training in the use of CO2 LASER both in USA and UK.

She has been Skin Medical’s Clinic Manager and a Registered Manager for the Care Quality Commission for over ten years.

Prior to working at Skin Medical Helen worked as a clinic manger and practitioner for several national cosmetic and medical laser clinics, contributing to their medical protocols in order to optimise patient care and safety.

British Association Of Cosmetic Nurses Three Best Rated PIAPA Care Quality Commission NHS


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