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Laser Tattoo Removal


Laser tattoo removal

With ever changing fashion, lifestyle and interests, it is a common occurrence for people to change their mind, deciding they no longer want a tattoo. The reasons for this could simply be that you have become bored with your tattoo, or perhaps regret getting a tattoo completely. The decision to have a particular design, or the message that their design implies, may no long be appropriate due to lifestyle changes as we get older. An unwanted tattoo can be more than just unsightly, they can have an impact on a person’s confidence, as well as their relationships. For some people, their tattoos may still be attractive but they are located in the wrong place – meaning tattoo cover-ups do not solve the problem.

Regardless of the reason for the dislike of your tattoo, if you are unhappy you may want to consider permanent laser tattoo removal.

Is Laser tattoo Removal More Effective than Other Treatments?

In recent years, technological advancements have enabled laser tattoo removal to become a safe and effective option. Tattoo removal creams are often inefficient and may only remove parts of a tattoo, which can potentially leave the area looking even more unattractive. Meanwhile other removal methods, such as surgical tattoo removal, can often be painful and carry a risk of scarring.

Laser tattoo removal is a safe, proven treatment that delivers desirable results. In as little as six sessions, your tattoo can be permanently removed. You can find more information about how laser tattoo removal works here.

The trend of having laser tattoo removal has become increasingly popular over the last few years, as highlighted through the media. Celebrities such as pop singer Beyonce, actress Melenie Griffith and designer Victoria Beckham are just some of the celebrities who have sought our laser tattoo removal to change their regrettable body art.

The number of sessions required, and how effective laser tattoo removal will be, varies from person to person. Prior to undergoing any treatment you would first of all need to have a consultation, where we will be able to assess the tattoo size, density and the colours used. Our practitioners will then be able to tailor a treatment plan specifically to you. The initial consultation is essential to discuss these elements with medically qualified practitioners, allowing us to ensure your tattoo is removed in the safest, most efficient way.

If you are considering laser tattoo removal in Manchester or Leeds, contact Skin Medical on 0161 839 7663.


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