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Medical Consultation

Medical ConsultationThe removal of hair from any part of our body is a medical procedure that requires careful management to avoid unnecessary side effects to our health.

Unlike many clinics that currently offer laser hair removal, Skin Medical are trusted and licensed by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), part of the NHS, to perform laser treatments.

The medical consultation is with a fully trained and experienced aesthetic nurse practitioner who can advise on an individual’s skin condition and the most appropriate treatment for your unique skin needs.

At Skin Medical, we can assess your needs from a medical perspective and tailor your treatment accordingly. As a state registered healthcare clinic we are ideally positioned to offer advice and affordable treatments to patients who require a more attentive service to meet their specific needs.

A care plan will be produced that is pertinent for your medical and non medical needs.
We offer a free laser hair removal patch test which provides evidence of:

  1. Effectiveness of our laser
  2. Patient experience
  3. Confirmation of laser settings for your skin

Patients will also need to have a patch test if they are having treatment on a new area or if it has been over six months since their last treatment. This is to ensure that the laser settings are correct and that the skin does not burn, as patient safety is a priority for us. Once patients have had a patch test the will need to wait 48 hours before starting treatment in order to be sure that they have had no adverse side effects to the laser – this is very rare.

The medical consultation requires a £25 deposit which can either be redeemed against treatment or refunded.