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Laser Hair Removal Pricing

A Selection of Our Treatment Prices – Why Pay More?

At Skin Medical we keep our laser hair removal prices simple. Unlike other clinics, purchasing a course is not mandatory. You can choose to pay as you go (using our single treatment pricing) or you can buy a course of 6 treatments (which receives a 30% discount).

For patients with lighter hair (white, grey, red or blonde), we recommend electrolysis treatment for permanent hair removal. Electrolysis pricing is £70 per session. Number of sessions and treatment duration can be assessed at time of consultation. Discounts are available for course bookings.

Up to 40% off an additional treatment and package when booking your main treatment!

AreaSingle Treatment Price (Pay As You Go)Course of 6 (30% discount)Average Price Per Treatment (Course of 6)
Upper Lip£60£252£42
Side Burns£70£294£49
Jaw Line£80£336£56
Half Face£115£483£81
Full FacePrice on Application  
Face Combinations
Upper Lip & Chin£95£399£67
Jawline & Chin£95£399£67
Upper Lip, Chin & Jawline£115£483£81
Full Face & Front of NeckPrice on Application  
Upper Body
Shoulder Blades£95£399£67
Upper Arms£115£483£81
Lower Arms£115£483£81
Full Arms£170£714£119
Half Back£120£504£84
Full Back (Female)£170£714£119
Full Back (Male)£190£798£133
Upper Body Combinations   
Fingers & Hands£80£336£56
Shoulder Blades & Upper Arms£170£714£119
Half Back & Shoulders£205£861£144
Chest & Abdomen£225£945£158
Half Back, Shoulders & Upper Arms£300£1,260£210
Full Back, Shoulders & Upper Arms£320£1,344£224
Full Upper BodyPrice on Consultation
Lower Body
Navel Pubis£70£294£49
Standard Bikini Line£95£399£67
Hollywood (full bikini incl. perianal)£140£588£98
Front of Thighs£160£672£112
Lower Legs£170£714£119
Upper Legs£185£777£130
Full Legs£235£987£165
Lower Body Packages
Bikini Line & Perianal£115£483£81
Bikini Line & Naval Pubis£140£588£98
Brazilian & Naval Pubis£140£588£98
Hollywood & Naval Pubis£170£714£119
Lower Legs & Bikini Line£205£861£144
Full Back & Male Hollywood£300£1,260£210
Popular Packages
Underarms & Bikini£140£588£98
Underarms & Brazilian£160£672£112
Underarms & Hollywood£170£714£119
Full Legs & Underarms£280£1,176£196
Full Legs, Bikini & Underarms£345£1,449£242
Women’s Full BodyPrice on Consultation
Men’s Full BodyPrice on Consultation
  • Prior to having laser hair removal treatment you would first of all need to have a consultation. Our consultations include a patch test and are free. We do take a £25 deposit however this is refundable provided you attend the appointment or give 48 hours notice to cancel the appointment.
  • All of our prices are subject to consultation.
  • Other treatment combinations will be quoted for at the time of consultation.
  • Further discounts are available for courses of 8 treatments and for maintenance packages (top-up packages for existing patients).
  • Further discounts apply when choosing a second package alongside a main package.
  • Other areas and packages are available and will be discussed at the consultation.
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