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Acne Scarring Treatment

Acne Scarring
Acne scarring treatment helps to reduce the appearance of scars and give patients a fresher, revitalised complexion.



Acne usually affects the face, back, neck, chest and arms and it can vary in severity. One of the most severe types of acne is inflammatory acne, which causes cysts to develop underneath the surface of the skin. These cysts can rupture painfully, spreading infection and causing scars. Acne scarring occurs when the body tries to repair the damage done to the skin’s dermis following an outbreak of acne. This is either repair when pimples burst, or when the body ‘overcompensates’ and produces too much collagen in the affected area.

Types of acne scarring range from the more mild pigmentation scarring which can naturally fade away after several months, to more severe pitted skin or ice pick scars which are usually permanent if not treated properly.

Although scarring causes physical damage to the skin, the main effects of acne are psychological and emotional. Many sufferers have low self-confidence because of their condition, and this can often lead to depression and poor social skills.


Depending on the severity of the acne scarring, patients have a range of options available.

Mild Scarring

For mild scarring and pigmentation caused by acne, patients tend to have peels or medical microdermabrasion treatments. These treatments allow the body to shed surface cells as well as unclogging pores. These treatments are also suitable for the treatment of active acne.

Moderate Scarring

We offer different product lines for patients with acne scarring. The most popular of these product lines are Obagi and Jan Marini.

We also offer genuine dermaroller and dermastamp treatments, which improve the texture of the skin by stimulating collagen growth in a controlled way.

Severe Scarring

Our most popular treatment for acne scarring is the CO2 MixTo Laser for laser skin resurfacing. This can be used to treat scarring of any severity, but is the only truly effective treatment for severe scars.

Acne Scarring

  • Acne Scarring

  • Acne can damage the skin, leaving scars that are lumpy and uneven. These scars can often prove unsightly but acne scarring treatment helps to reduce them, which can restore confidence.
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  • Active Acne

  • Nlite-V is one of the most effective acne treatments available today. It kills and reduces the p.acne bacteria that cause spots.
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