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Fat Removal & Body Contouring

fat removal
Vaser fat removal methods are available at Skin Medical as they provide considerable advantage over traditional liposuction.

If you have:

  • lost confidence in your body
  • tried diet and exercise without long term success
  • want to improve your body shape and
  • are prepared to undergo a minor medical procedure for quick results

body contouring using Vaser liposelection could be the solution for you.

Here are some examples of patients who have undergone vaser treatment:

Have a look at our Vaser page for more examples.


The technique and instruments of traditional liposuction will usually be recommended if the patient has an exceptionally large area of fat to eliminate. In these cases, excess skin may need to be removed also and muscles tightened. This makes sense because the instrumentation is larger and can cover more ground and these patients will already have incisions larger than those necessary for Vaser.

The main disadvantages to traditional liposuction are:

  • It is more invasive than Vaser
  • It leaves larger scars
  • It requires a longer recovery period and an overnight hospital stay
  • It is not ideal for very small areas of targeted fat removal such as chin, inner thighs, knees, ankles and arms

Advantages of Vaser compared to traditional liposuction by surgery are:

  • Local anaesthetic is safer for patients compared to general anaesthetic and means that patients do not have to stay in hospital overnight – you will be able to go home following the procedure.
  • Fat removal using vaser allows for a quicker recovery time and allows patients to return to normal routine activities much faster than with traditional liposuction.
  • Vaser liposelection is significantly less expensive than traditional liposuction.
  • Vaser can be used to remove fat from more ‘sensitive’ areas such as the chin, ankles and arms.
  • Avoids extensive post-operative bruising, pain and downtime.

Body contouring is the most common invasive cosmetic procedure and the employment of Vaser technology is becoming an increasingly popular form of fat removal. You can find out more about vaser in this section of our website, or you can call one of clinics to speak to a member of our team for more information:

Manchester – 0161 839 7663

Leeds – 01133 230 735

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