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Vaser Lipo for Arms

Vaser Lipo for Arms
Vaser fat removal methods are available at Skin Medical as they provide considerable advantage over traditional liposuction.

Arm Vaser Liposuction in Manchester and Leeds at Skin Medical

Vaser lipo treatment has been growing in popularity recently due to people wanting to target fat on more ‘sensitive’ areas of the body such as the arms which are not treatable using traditional liposuction.

Those suffering from sagging and undefined or noticeably larger arms can achieve brilliant results using Vaser lipo procedure, leaving you with arms that look sculpted and much more defined.


✔ Vaser lipo can de-bulk the arm, giving a more slender appearance.

✔ Vaser lipo can help eradicate the hanging, saggy ‘bingo wings’ that can look unsightly, particularly in clothes that showcase the arm area such as sleeveless tops and dresses.

✔ Candidates that were unsuitable for traditional liposuction on the arm can now be treated using Vaser lipo.

✔ Scarring is minimal, with incisions being made in inconspicuous areas. Patients will no longer have an unsightly scar that is associated with traditional liposuction.

✔ Depending on your own skin quality, you may achieve much improved skin retraction compared with traditional liposuction as the Vaser system stimulates new collagen production.


Vaser vs Traditional liposuction for the arms

The skin covering the arm areas is typically thin compared to other areas of the body. For this reason traditional liposuction has distinct limitations as irregularities can very easily occur. This is why Vaser lipo is a great option for treatment of the arm area as the risk of irregularities is reduced.

Traditional liposuction involves using much more aggressive physical methods for removing fat than vaser, so patients will experience a greater amount of bruising and scarring. As the surgical tools used in traditional liposuction are larger, the results will appear less refined and natural than those achieved using Vaser lipo.

Vaser lipo uses a sculpting technique to get rid of ‘bingo wings’ and other arm fat, helping patients achieve slimmer, more sculpted arms. Patients that have had the treatment have said that they can now wear whatever they want to and are no longer limited to wearing long-sleeved tops due to feeling self conscious about the appearance of their arms.


vaser consultations in manchester and leeds

We offer Vaser consultations at both our Manchester and Leeds clinics. To book a consultation or speak to a member of a team regarding any questions you may have you can either fill out the online booking form on the right or call us:

Manchester – 0161 839 7663

Leeds – 01133 230 735

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