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Face and Body Contouring

Face and Body Contouring
At Skin Medical we use Vaser fat removal methods because they provide considerable advantage over traditional liposuction.

How does face and body contouring work?

We can soften contours and tighten skin using Vaser lipo methods. Vaser lipo is a revolutionary new fat removal treatment that is both safer and less invasive than traditional liposuction. In our experience we have found that Vaser achieves better results and less downtime. Patients will be able to discuss both treatment options with a medical practitioner at their consultation.

You will be given a local anaesthetic and a small incision is made in the problem area. We’ll then insert a probe into the skin, which targets laser pulses at the fat cells. The ultrasonic energy (Vaser) breaks down the fat cells, leaving them to be absorbed naturally by the body. The ultrasound pulses also encourage the growth of collagen, which gives the skin a plumper, smoother and rejuvenated look.

Using Vaser is a lot less invasive and physically intensive compared to traditional liposuction. This means that, as well as recovery time being minimal in comparison, patients are able to have fat removal from more ‘sensitive’ areas of the body, such as the ankles, chin and upper arms, that would not be possible using traditional liposuction methods.

Face & Body Contouring

How many treatments are needed?

The amount of treatments you’ll require depends on the goals you want to achieve. We can usually treat a maximum of three areas in any one session and these results will be permanent. Examples of one area include: the upper or lower abdomen, both flanks, both love handles, both outer thighs, the full male chest, the chin, both ankles or both upper arms.

Will it hurt?

The procedure is performed using a local anaesthetic, keeping pain to a minimum. After the treatment, you may notice some bruising or a feeling of mild discomfort. However Vaser has a relatively short recovery period. You will be able to return to your regular daily activities after 48 hours, and usually can resume more rigorous physical activity 6 – 8 weeks following the procedure.

When will I see results?

Using Vaser, you will be able to see results immediately as some fat will be removed during the procedure. As the body starts to eliminate further fat and encourage collagen growth, results will continue to to become more apparent over a number of weeks. It may take up to six months for the full effect to become visible but, when it does, you should notice smoother skin and tighter contours.

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