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SKIN REJUVENATION USING IPL LASER TREATMENT This is amazing. In my youth I longed for a tan, but now I’m in my fifties I’m paying for it with sun-damaged skin: heavy freckles and two age spots which have resisted bleaching creams. Whenever I looked in the mirror I longed to change this. I chose Skin Medical because the treatments are carried out by nurses and so I felt entirely safe. Helen explained everything carefully, answered my questions patiently and took a detailed history. Two different lasers, Intense Pulse Light (IPL) and a Pulsed Laser, were used to rejuvenate my skin, treating the freckled sun-damaged areas as well as the age spots and a thread vein. The treatment also reduces enlarged pores, which is an added bonus, and stimulates the collagen to tone and freshen the skin. Treatments take 30 minutes and aren’t painful, it’s like being pinged with a rubber band. Afterwards my skin tingled gently for half an hour. The freckles and age spots darkened at first, but within a week were much paler, the thread vein had almost vanished and my skin felt softer. Subsequent treatments built on this dramatic change, and I’m thrilled with the results.