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I have always been conscious of my waist

I have always been conscious of my waist and love handles area. I’m naturally athletic build, thus don’t have very profound waist. In addition I seem to carry most of my weight round my stomach which I found very stubborn to shift no matter how much exercise I did. I have never considered plastic surgery due to its invasiveness. However, when I heard of new techniques such Vaser it immediately caught my attention as it is a mild procedure that focuses on body contouring without going under the knife. I went for a consultation at Skin Medical and met the clinical staff who explained the procedure in detail. I was so impressed that I booked the procedure there and then. The treatment was uncomfortable but less traumatic than I had imagined as the staff was very professional, friendly and reassuring. The results were apparent a couple of weeks after the procedure, especially in the love handles area. Over next couple of months my love handles pretty much disappeared and my lower abdomen got flatter. I am very pleased with the end result as I feel much more confident now my love handles are gone. I would recommend Skin Medical to everyone facing a similar problem to me as a small change to one or two body areas can make a huge difference, both physically and mentally. The Skin Medical staff are very professional. They strive to provide advice and service that will meet if not exceed their clients’ expectations to ensure their clients will leave satisfied and happy.