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How successful are radiofrequency treatments?

At Skin Medical, over 95% of our patients obtain significant noise reduction from the single procedure. The remaining patients have recorded some noise reduction.

Patients that we treat who are not satisfied are invited back for a follow-up procedure, although this is rare due to our strict policy on patient selection. We will not treat patients who fall outside our selection criteria.

Early surveys by the radiofrequency equipment provider in 2004 revealed that more than 80%+ of patients obtained significant noise reduction. The other obtain some noise reductions of varying success rates. So why have Skin Medical improved the success rate? Our ENT Consultant has from experience created a screening process that helps identify potential obstacles for optimum results. For these cases we would either (i) Not recommend the treatment be undertaken, (ii) Recommend an additional procedure to optimise the outcome or (iii) Recommend an alternative procedure.

At Skin Medical, we screen suitable clients thoroughly at our pre-assessment clinic in order to obtain higher success rates for first time treatments.