Why choose this method of snoring treatment? - Skin Medical
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Why choose this method of snoring treatment?

There are several types of artificial aids to combat snoring including nasal strips, nasal dilators and moulded mouthpieces, but at Skin Medical we feel these have limited success and do not offer a long-term cure. There are also laser-assisted treatments. Although we use laser treatment for many types of skin ailments at Skin Medical, we do not think laser is a suitable snoring treatment as it is aggressive and results in the loss of the uvula, can cause side effects, is extremely painful for the patient during and after treatment and it has a lengthy recovery period. In addition, its is expensive. Patients often regurgitate food through the nose and are left with the permanent sensation of a lump in the throat.

We chose the radiofrequency method because it has proven to be the most successful treatment method to stop snoring at clinical trial, provides a long-lasting remedy and patients experience comparatively minimal discomfort.