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I’m a 68 year old Irish male with fair skin

I’m a 68 year old Irish male with fair skin. My skin is sun damaged with premature aging, solar freckles, actinic keratosis and pigmentation changes all due to the sun. My Aesthetic Doctor recommended the MiXto fractional C02 laser because of all the damage to my skin, and the potential of future problems the spots could get worse. I also wanted to look a bit younger! I had the MiXto procedure and after mild swelling with bronzing of the skin, I peeled for about 2 days, and after a week the redness was gone. I have received complement after complement about my “NEW” face and how much “younger” I look, (one lady at my church actually said that I looked Hot!) What a difference this has made for me! With smooth skin now on my face and a younger look, I could not be more pleased. I have been told I look 15 years younger, what a deal this is, with just a few days of redness and peeling! Worries about future medical problems with my facial skin have vanished and I now have a new face and a new life!