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I had my CO2 Laser procedure on my face last year

I had my CO2 Laser procedure on my face last year. I am sixty two years old and have a history of not using sunblock, even though my lifestyle has allowed me to spend a great deal of time outdoors. With living in sunny climate for nine years, there was daily exposure to sun and surf.

The procedure resulted in a dramatic change in my facial appearance by eliminating all sun spots, fine wrinkles as well as lifting the skin at the jaw line and around my eyes. The procedure generally created all around firming. My eyes appeared to look much brighter and the sagging under my eyes has vanished. After three weeks, I no longer wear concealer or foundation but simply apply tinted moisturizer with a little blush.

The clinical team are a compassionate group of people and took personal interest in my case. I could not have been in better hands.

Never had I realised how physical appearance affects mental well-being until I experienced this new facial transformation which has resulted in immeasurable happiness. I have a whole new lease on life.