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Vaser lipo and Cosmetic Surgery Review – Key Findings by DOH

Read what key findings where from research into Cosmetic Surgery Industry – Vaser lipo Recommendation for changes to regulation and law due March 2013.

31 December, 2012

The responses to the cosmetic surgery review being carried out by Sir Bruce Keogh, NHS Medical Director have been published today, 31 December 2012. There was a wide range of views on the future regulation of cosmetic interventions, nonetheless, some consistent key messages emerged from respondents: namely,

1. the current regulatory framework was inappropriate and change to regulation is required particulsarly in relation to derrmal fillers and lasers.

2. training requirements acroiss the industry was weak as especially amongst non healthcare professionals.

3. Dermal fillers, intense pulsed light and laser procedures were thought to have insufficent regulation as these can be performed by practitioners outside Care Quality Commissio’sn scope.

4. data collected on implants, procedures, adverse incidents and outcomes needs improving.

5.the Review was timely and an important part of restoring public trust in the cosmetic sector.

Suggested recommendations for change included:

1. Banning free consultations for cosmetic surgery so that people don’t feel obliged to commit to procedure.

2. All consultations to be held with healthcare professional rather than sales person.

3. Advertising ban on incentives such as ‘two-for-one’ and cosmetic surgery as competition prizes.

4. Two-stage written consent for surgery be mandatory so people have time to reflect before making a decision.

5. Patients be given written information and showning photos of  bruising and scarring, and more detail on the risks associated with surgery,

At Skin Mdical we are proud to say that we have always required a fee for every consultation and that those consulltations are with healthcare professional trained and experience it that producre. We do show perspective patients photos and issue written advice at time of consultation. In addition, Skin Medical currently provides Patients undergoing cosmetic procedure, a two stage consent form as recommended.

We look forward to receiving the recommendation from Sir Bruce Keogh and his Review Panel in March 2013. Until, then Skin Medical continues to apply our best practise in relation to Vaser lipo, stop snoring, varicose vein removal and other cosmetic procedures under local anaesthetic which already comply with the key improvements identified above. As regards dermal fillers, Skin Medical is proud to advise that we have always employed healthcare professional to perform all our injectables. For more information simply ring either of the clinics and ask to speak to a healthcare professional.