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How much does laser hair removal cost?

Laser hair removal cost is not as expensive as many people expect. It’s actually more cost-effective than salon waxing, threading, shaving and IPL (please note that IPL is not the same as laser hair removal and is a far inferior system) especially when considering how much longer the effects last. At Skin Medical, we have a clear, accessible system for pricing to ensure you know exactly what you are paying for.

We are registered with the Care Quality Commission and carry out all procedures in a medical environment, so you know that your health and safety are as carefully safeguarded as your appearance. We always offer competitive rates and often have special offers available if you consult us by telephone.

We are prepared to be flexible and are eager to match or beat prices quoted by other clinics. Skin Medical can supply a quotation based on a single treatment, or the standard course of treatments (six to eight procedures per area). We can also offer package prices, depending on your requirements, which can include substantial discounts.