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Snoring and Its Impact

Snoring and Its ImpactMillions of people in the UK suffer from snoring and it is responsible for countless sleepless nights. While it is often dismissed as a minor ailment, snoring and its associated effects can have a serious impact on the sufferer’s lifestyle.

Sleep deprivation caused by snoring can result in tiredness and irritability, which affects relationships and causes unnecessary stress. Many marriages and relationships have resulted in strain or separation because of the effects of snoring, especially if partners are forced to sleep in separate rooms.

Snoring can also be the cause of social embarrassment, particularly if sufferers take a holiday or business trip that requires them to sleep outside their home.

If successfully treated, the effects of snoring will vanish or will be significantly reduced. This can allow sufferers and their partners to get a good night’s sleep, improves interpersonal relationships and can reduce stress and tiredness.

The Skin Medical guide to sleeping problems

Snoring and Its Impact

Habitual snorers rarely do anything themselves to rectify the problem and many do not even admit they have a problem. But if they ignore the pleas of others this may put a strain on relationships.

At Skin Medical we understand the causes and effects of snoring and so are in a position to offer a long-term remedy to the problem. Visit our snoring treatment page for more information on this. Our anti-snoring treatment is fast, relatively painless, and it provides an inexpensive long-lasting remedy.

Don’t let snoring ruin your life

On this website you can learn all about the causes of snoring. Once you understand the detrimental effect snoring is having on your life, and on the lives of those who have to put up with your unfortunate habit, you can then take a look at the type of snoring treatment we offer.

The radiofrequency treatment is a simple out-patient procedure performed by a speciality ENT surgeon. Patients are usually in the clinic for no longer than three hours, and downtime is minimal. 80% of our patients have said that they are very happy with the results of their procedure, and all patients have experienced a noticeable improvement in their snoring.