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Treatment to Stop Snoring

Treatment to Stop SnoringSkin Medical specialise in radio frequency snoring treatment

Why choose this method of snoring treatment?

There are several types of artificial aids to combat snoring including nasal strips, nasal dilators and molded mouthpieces, but at Skin Medical we feel that these have limited success and do not offer a long-term cure.

There are also laser-assisted treatments. Although we use laser treatment for many types of skin ailments at our skin clinic, we do not think laser is a suitable snoring treatment as it is aggressive and, in some cases, the laser can cause too much scarring. Scarring tightens and causes constriction of the tissue, this can worsen snoring by removing the uvula (part of the soft palate at the back of the throat). Laser ablation is extremely painful for the patient during and after treatment and it has a lengthy recovery period. In addition, it is expensive. Patients often regurgitate food through the nose and are left with the permanent sensation of a lump in the throat. This is why our clinic consultant no longer performs laser ablation.

Radio frequency can tighten the soft palate to reduce the noise of snoring. We chose the radio frequency method because it has achieved the best clinical results and has been proven to provide a long-lasting remedy. This is the conclusion of the UK Government’s National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE).

Benefits of radio frequency snoring treatment

Radio frequency snoring treatment offers many advantages over other methods of treating restricted airways and blocked noses. It is:

  • a safe, effective and clinically proven procedure with a high success rate
  • minimally invasive and leaves no side effects
  • a simple outpatient procedure

Arranging your snoring treatment

Before any treatment commences, we arrange a consultation and pre-assessment. This can be done over the phone, or you can fill out the contact form on the right. Patients will have an initial consultation with a nurse and may have an additional consultation with a surgeon if requested or required.

Our clinics are open six days a week and a member of our team will always be happy to answer any of your queries.