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After Acne – An Introduction to Acne Scarring Treatments

acne scarring treatmentFor acne sufferers, blemish-free skin is the dream. Acne can have an impact on confidence and self-esteem, and affects both teenagers and adults. Fortunately, thanks to advances in technology, banishing acne is now easier than ever. Revolutionary devices such as N-lite acne laser can effectively treat acne and minimise the risk of scarring. But for many former acne sufferers, acne scarring is a reality.

Picking at blemishes can cause pitted scars and irregularities in skin texture. Whilst we know we shouldn’t pick at our spots, many of us cannot resist. Acne can also leave behind pigmented marks – a discolouration of the skin where the blemishes once were. Pigmentation scarring may naturally fade away with time, but deeper scars – such as pitted scars or ice pick scars – can be permanent unless properly treated.

Many superficial treatments such as peels and dermabrasion can improve the appearance of skin. However they are not a long term acne scarring treatment solution. They may leave your skin looking fresher and rejuvenated, but they won’t transform your skin. They have little effect on acne and acne scarring. Instead, they’re good for a general skin refresh and to improve the overall appearance of your skin.

In the past, the most common acne scarring treatment has been Genuine Dermaroller, which involves causing trauma to the skin through the insertion of thousands of micro-needles. It’s not as scary as it sounds – a topical anaesthetic is used to make the treatment as comfortable as possible, and the treatment takes only around 20-30 minutes to complete. A course of Dermaroller treatments – usually a minimum for three treatments around six weeks apart – can effectively improve mild acne scarring.

The only truly effective treatment for acne scarring however is the CO2 Micro Fractional Laser – a highly effective, groundbreaking treatment which can effectively resurface the skin to address pigmentation, irregular skin texture, smooth fine line and wrinkles and reduce pore size. This multi-purpose laser is especially effective at treating acne scarring, by resurfacing the skin and encouraging the production of new collagen which gives the appearance of newer, fresher looking skin.

With inferior devices, patients can often need to undergo around three treatments – all with downtime. However most patients require just one CO2 laser treatment, making it the most convenient way to banish acne scars. With just five days downtime, CO2 laser can effective address acne scarring on the face, back, chest and a number of other areas – restoring confidence.

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