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Dispelling Common Laser Hair Removal Myths

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Hair removal – be it waxing or shaving – is an annoying chore we all have to deal with. A growing number of both men and women are opting for more permanent solutions such as laser hair removal and electrolysis. As with all crazes, there’s a lot of information flying around regarding the treatments, some which is true and some which isn’t. We’re here to shed light on the facts about laser hair removal and debunk the common myths.


Laser hair removal is painful – MYTH

A common myth is that laser hair removal is painful. This did used to be the case, but technology has come a long way since then. The new machines (such as the Lightsheer Diode system with we use at Skin Medical) offer minimal discomfort. Most people describe the sensation as being on a similar pain level to flicking an elastic band against your skin – it’s a quick ping, followed by a warm sensation. Cooling gel is used immediately afterwards which quickly removes this effect.

Laser hair removal is expensive – MYTH

Compared to a lifetime of shaving and waxing, laser hair removal is actually a money saving initiative in the long run. We recently dedicated an entire blog post to the cost-benefits of laser hair removal vs waxing – and how you investing in a permanent solution could save you thousands. We also frequently run special offers on courses of treatment, which make it even more affordable.

Laser hair removal doesn’t last – MYTH

Laser hair removal is a long term solution. It is an FDA approved treatment for permanent hair reduction, offering at least 90% hair free results on all skin types. After the first treatment you’ll begin to notice a reduction in hair growth, and the hair will be less dense. However, it’s worth noting that these results only occur with laser hair removal – inferior IPL machines provide less reduction and the results do not last for as long.

Laser hair removal isn’t safe – MYTH

Laser hair removal using the Lightsheer Diode is an FDA approved treatment. This means rigorous testing has been carried out to assess the efficiency, effectiveness and safety of the treatment. You should always be provided with guidelines and aftercare information if you’re having treatment (for example, not to apply fake tan or have sun exposure prior to treatment).

Laser hair removal cannot be used on the face – MYTH

One of the most common areas to have treatment (aside from legs, bikini and underarms) is the face. The laser can be used on any part of the skin.

These are just a handful of the common myths out there regarding laser hair removal treatment. For more information, you can see our dedicated laser hair removal pages or contact the clinic on 0161 839 7663 to book a free consultation and patch test with a medical nurse practitioner.