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What Makes Muscle Relaxing Injection Such a Popular Choice for Anti-Ageing?

Muscle Relaxing Injection Manchester | Skin MedicalIn the world of anti-wrinkle treatments, we know how hard it is to find a product that works. Despite expensive creams and serums claiming to be the next big thing in anti-ageing, the only non-surgical product that really works in the battle to get smoother, younger looking skin is, of course, Muscle Relaxing Injection.
Not only is this procedure virtually pain free, but it offers instant, semi-permanent results – However that isn’t its only benefit to Muscle Relaxing Injection.

There’s no anaesthetic needed
As previously mentioned, Muscle Relaxing Injection is virtually pain free! The only sensation you should feel is a small pinch from the needle, as it is inserted into the skin. These tiny needles will inject small amounts of Muscle Relaxing Injection solution into the area that you want to target. Some of the most popular areas are crows feet, forehead wrinkles and creases around the lips, that really give your age away.

Results are visible almost instantly
The effects of Muscle Relaxing Injection really start to show anywhere up to 7 days.There are no creams on the market that are FDA approved that are guaranteed to work like Muscle Relaxing Injection. So if you want to apply creams, choose a decent moisturiser, that can rehydrate your skin without going to great expense. However be aware it will still not get rid of the laughter lines.

It is safer than you may think!
Many people are worried about what is being injected into their skin, which is why you should only ever receive Muscle Relaxing Injection from a medically regulated clinic, such as Skin Medical. Not only can Muscle Relaxing Injection be used as an anti-wrinkle treatment, but also for conditions such as migraines, teeth grinding and hyperhidrosis.

It’s a very quick procedure
Whilst it is a quick procedure, it is important to ensure you allow sufficient time for a proper Consultation with qualified practitioner who is authorised to  prescribe such treatment to eligible patients. While most patients are willing to attend consultation and have treatment on one appointment and go straight back to work, patients should be aware of risk possible bruising which is minimised further by ensuring you select a qualified and experienced practitioner.
It is illegal to obtain treatment without first having a face to face consultation with a qualified prescriber.

It can look incredibly natural
There are a number of looks that can be achieved with Muscle Relaxing Injection, whether you want to it to be more obvious that you have had work done, or want a subtle lift.  One of the best features, is that it can be bespoke your needs, so you have full control over the end result.

It’s can be much cheaper than other anti-wrinkle treatments
Anti-wrinkle treatments can be expensive, however with Muscle Relaxing Injection, the long term effects make the treatment much more cost effective than other procedures, creams or treatments. You can find out more details about our prices and special offers on Muscle Relaxing Injection here.

If you would like to explore what Muscle Relaxing Injection injections could do for you, visit our dedicated Muscle Relaxing Injection page, or phone one of our consultants on 0161 839 7663.