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Acne Testimonials

Amy N, CO2 Laser Resurfacing (via Consulting Rooms)

I had the Co2 laser treatment for sun damage on my decollete. Helen was fantastic from start to finish. Always professional but also a warm, welcoming person who makes you feel you are in the best hands.
My thoughts were confirmed in the results. Brilliant! I shall definitely be booking more treatments at Skin Medical in the future.

Hannah H, CO2 Laser Resurfacing

Very happy with the results and impressed with the advice about after care given by staff. Clean and pleasant treatment area.

Paula T, CO2

Everything was very well organised and went smoothly. Helen was great and reassured me throughout the whole process. Always highly recommended.

Jean H, CO2

Having CO2 laser on the face by Helen was excellent. Helen was very professional and I felt very relaxed before and during treatment. My follow up appointment today. Helen will see me again in 6 months time to see the end result

Helen L, CO2

Excellent friendly staff put me fully at ease. The procedure was hardly uncomfortable which was a surprise as I expected pain! The only unpleasant after effect was itchiness. But all so very worthwhile.

Debbie G, CO2

The whole experience from walking into Skin Medical was excellent. Helen provided honest insights into current facial skin conditions and shared options available. During treatment Helen was considerate as well as ensuring I was fully informed about the procedure. I am delighted with my results and now consider Skin Medical as my ongoing clinic for skin maintenance.

Matthew R, CO2 Resurfacing for Acne Scarring

All staff extremely welcoming and friendly, made me feel comfortable and felt like an individual. Treatment procedures were clearly explained and I thought my treatment was handled professionally and undertook with care and attention. Helen has an easy-going and welcoming presence which makes you feel at ease at all times.

Jillian P, CO2

The improvement to the skin on my chest is fantastic. I had started to think that I would be forever wearing polo necks!

Phil B, CO2

Friendly nursing staff and a relaxed environment would recommend to family and friends.

Maria T, CO2

Professional, friendly staff. Treatment virtually painless except around lip area.


Julie O, CO2

Feel like it has been a miracle cure. Staff were honest from the outset, and very helpful.

Treatments: Active FX to treat acne scarring My acne started in my late teens – at eighteen or nineteen – and was quite severe. Through my twenties I saw many dermatologists and tried antibiotics and prescribed face washes but with no improvement. The acne did eventually clear up by using RetinA topical cream combined with a relatively high dose of RoAccutane. The side effects were very strong but I was prepared to do anything to clear my skin. For a while I was happy with the results but then I started to get very conscious of the deep scarring left by the acne. I tried microdermabrasion and a different laser treatment but had very mixed results. I heard about Active FX and met a couple of people who had already had it done. It looked promising and I had a consultation with Clinician experienced in Acne scarring and use of lasers. We discussed the problem and the options thoroughly and explained that nothing can totally eradicate acne scarring but he thought he could make a positive improvement. I was quite reassured and knew I would be in good hands, so there I went again, trying one more procedure on my face. ActiveFX treatment is said to continue to work for six months and you continue to see improvements. I have to say this is true. I am happy to see the changes on my face – to date the scars are about 50 per cent faded, my skin tone is even with no more discolouration or patchy areas and it is much smoother. I have had many compliments and positive comments from friends and family since then. I definitely feel a lot more confident and dare not to wear any make-up sometimes, and when I do get my make-up on, I feel much prettier now.

Anupa Panjabi, London

I have always had acne scarring since I was a teenager and even after going for various treatments, the scarring was still quite deep and unsightly. I went on to have the Active FX treatment which I have to say has shown tremendous results. Within two weeks of having this procedure done, all my friends and collegues kept on commenting on how my skin was lovely and much improved. I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone who like me has had very bad acne scarring. The treatment may not remove all the scarring but it definately makes a huge improvement. My self confidence has increased leaps and bounds since having this treatment done. Thank you so much to the team at the Skin Medical for pointing me into the right direction and making a difference to my life.

Tamanna Ratti, Manchester


All testimonials are taken from patient feedback. Results may vary from patient to patient.