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Muscle Relaxing Injection Pudsey

Muscle Relaxing Injection PudseyIf you have decided recently like may others that you are looking for anti ageing treatments such as Muscle Relaxing Injection in the Pudsey area then Skin Medical in Leeds may be the place for you as it is only situated a short drive from Pudsey. The clinicians at Skin Medical have been providing anti ageing treatments for over tens years and have a trusted reputation within the cosmetic industry.

Consultation with Doctor or Nurse Prescriber

At Skin Medical, we will offer all our patients a consultation and skin evaluation with only medical staff. This gives you the opportunity to discuss all the aspects of the treatment with medical staff and answer any questions that you may have and address all of your concerns.

Allergan at Skin Cosmetic Clinic in Leeds

At Skin Medical we only use Muscle Relaxing Injection® produced by Allergan as it has been in safe use for more than 20 years. Allergan is considered the leading manufacturer of Muscle Relaxing Injection® and is FDA approved. This means that the Muscle Relaxing Injection® product has been thoroughly tested and is safe for cosmetic use.

If you are considering Muscle Relaxing Injection® and would like to know how Skin Medical and our doctors and nurse prescribers can help you, call 0113 323 0735 and book your Consultation and skin evaluation today.