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Muscle Relaxing Injection Meanwood

Muscle Relaxing Injection MeanwoodIf you are looking to have a Muscle Relaxing Injection treatment in the Meanwood area, Skin Medical is just a 10 minute drive away in Leeds.

Why have Muscle Relaxing Injection®?

As we all age many of us have now decided to fight back using muscle relaxant injections such as Allegarn Muscle Relaxing Injection® to look as youthful as we can without having a ‘Frozen look’ and here at Skin Medical our registered professionals can help you reach your skin goals with a Consultation and a skin assessment to go through any questions you may have regarding Muscle Relaxing Injection® treatment or anti-ageing concerns that you may have. This enables our patients to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin.

During your Consultation and skin evaluation all aspects of the treatment are discussed and any questions you may have are answered.

Why choose Skin Cosmetic Clinic for your Muscle Relaxing Injection® treatment?

• Natural looking results, without the worry of appearing ‘expressionless’
• No downtime, patients can continue with their day without swelling or redness
• Preserve aspects of your youthful appearance without looking too noticeably different
• Slow down the signs of ageing, with the help and advice of fully qualified doctors and nurses.

Unlike expensive anti-ageing creams that many describe no real benefit from, Muscle Relaxing Injection® treatment can give you real visible results just a few days after treatment. Look good and smile, just without those crow’s feet.

Where to find us

Thinking of going ahead with Muscle Relaxing Injection® in the Meanwood? Finding Skin Medical couldn’t be easier. We are conveniently located in Leeds.

To book your consultation and skin evaluation at Skin Medical, either fill out our online form on the right hand side of the page, or contact us on 0113 323 0735 or complete the call back dialog opposite.