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Muscle Relaxing Injection Lymm

Muscle Relaxing Injection LymmIf you live in Lymm and are looking to have Muscle Relaxing Injection, Skin Medical is located just a short drive or train journey away in Manchester City Centre. We are registered with the Care Quality Commission, and all of our injectable treatments are carried out by fully qualified doctors and prescribing nurses. We also only use FDA-approved Muscle Relaxing Injection produced by Allergan, the world leading manufacturer of Muscle Relaxing Injection type-A.

Our doctors and nurses have treated thousands of patients in over ten years, and we have frequently received praise from patients who have achieved an improved, refreshed appearance with reduced signs of ageing.

How Does Muscle Relaxing Injection Work?

By blocking nerve impulses, Muscle Relaxing Injection relaxes the contraction of muscles which relaxes and softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It usually takes around five to ten days for results to become apparent, and effects last from four to six months.

The Muscle Relaxing Injection treatment does not require anaesthesia and usually only takes fifteen minutes on average. A fine needle is used to administer Muscle Relaxing Injection to maximize accuracy, and even patients that dislike needles have noted very little discomfort. There is no downtime after the treatment so you can go back to your normal activity straight away.

What Next?

If you are ready to join the millions of people that already have Muscle Relaxing Injection treatments every year, then it’s time to book in for a consultation and skin evaluation. We offer this to all of our patients, and this allows you to discuss the treatment, ask any questions and present your concerns to the doctor or nurse that will also be doing your treatment.

Call our clinic today on 0161 839 7663 and a member of our team will arrange an appointment at a convenient time for you.