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Vaser Liposuction

Vaser liposuction
Vaser liposuction body contouring at our Manchester and Leeds clinics can help patient to achieve their desired figure, improving their confidence and appearance.

You can also visit our fat removal and body contouring section for more information.

Local VS General anaesthetic Liposuction procedures

Both men and women are increasingly looking for medical intervention, such as Vaser liposuction, to achieve their ideal body shape when dieting, exercise or other beauty treatments have failed. Traditional procedures such as traditional liposuction with tummy tuck are now being taken over by modern body contouring solutions, such as Vaser liposuction.

There are an increasing number of people who are turning to cosmetic surgery to reduce stubborn body fat that has materialised over time simply due to ageing, genetic factors, child birth or lifestyle. For many these can be stubborn areas which don’t seem to reduce with frequent exercise and diet alone. These patients are ideal candidates for Vaser lipo.

The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic and is an outpatient procedure with quick recovery times. This gentle approach, whilst still invasive, has many advantages over traditional liposuction performed under general anaesthetic.

✔ Increased patient safety

✔ Minimal downtime

✔ Greater affordability

✔ Return home the same day

These are just some of the factors that make Vaser liposuction so attractive.

Which areas can be treated with vaser lipo?

Body areas that can be treated include the abdomen, love handles, outer and inner thighs, buttocks, knees, upper arms, calves, and male chest. Face areas that can be treated with vaser lipo are the neck, jowls and chin.

  • To get a better understanding of what is possible and the likely outcomes view our Vaser before & after photo gallery.
  • Vaser lipo is performed under local anaesthetic, so patients are able to leave the clinic after their procedure.

Vaser Lipo Results

Read more about the vaser liposuction procedure and how it could help you in our frequently asked questions section. To get a better understanding of what is possible and the likely outcomes view our before & after photo gallery.

Results can be seen immediately and will continue to improve for around six months after the procedure.

British Association Of Cosmetic Nurses Three Best Rated PIAPA Care Quality Commission NHS


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