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Ear Pinning FAQs

Ear Correction (Otoplasty) Leeds
Ear surgery brings prominent ears closer to the head and more attractive by reducing their size or improving their shape.

Who will Otoplasty / Ear Correction benefit?

People with ears that are protruding, misshapen or overly prominent and who feel a lack of confidence as a result would be a good candidate for ear correction surgery. This procedure is equally suitable for both men and women of all ages (minimum age 18) who want to permanently change the appearance of their ears.

How is Otoplasty / Ear Correction done?

Ear correction is normally performed under local anaesthetic and consequently patients are free to go home shortly after the surgical treatment in our clinic.

Our ENT Consultant surgeon removes excess cartilage that is causing the ear to project or stick out. The ear is then pinned back along the fold into its new position to reveal a profile that is more attractive and natural.

How long will Otoplasty / Ear Correction take?

Patients will leave the clinic about 90 minutes after their arrival, however the actual procedure will only take 45 minutes. The healing process will be around 4 to 6 weeks. For those patients specifically wanting a general anaesthetic an overnight stay in the comfort of your own suite will be provided.

What results can I expect from Otoplasty or Ear Correction?

Patients who undergo the ear correction can expect to have ears that no longer protrude, are a more appealing shape, and create a profile that is more in keeping with conventional ear positioning of ears. Click here to see before and after pictures of ear correction surgery.

How long is the recovery period from Otoplasty / Ear Correction?

Patients will be required to wear a full head bandage for one week after surgery. A headband or head bandage will be need at night for a further four weeks. Patients should expect their ears to be swollen and red for several weeks. We recommend at least a one week holiday from work for ear correction surgery patients.

Are there any side effects to Otoplasty / Ear Correction?

The ears will be sore, red, and bruised for some weeks after ear correction surgery. Discomfort can be easily resolved with painkillers. Gentle hair washing can be resumed once full bandages are removed, which is normally one week post surgery.

Other than the normal post-surgery discomfort, swelling and bruising patients should not experience any side effects from this treatment. In the unlikely event of adverse reactions occurring prior to the follow-up appointment, patients are encouraged to get in touch with the clinic as soon as possible so that we can establish the issue and take steps to ensure a speedy recovery.

Full aftercare advice will be given at consultation and after the procedure.

What risks are associated with Otoplasty / Ear Correction?

The normal risks of swelling, bruising, infection and discomfort are possible from all types of surgery.

Our clinical protocols are specifically designed to minimise or eliminate such risks wherever possible. These risks will be explained by our clinician at the time of the consultation and written advice will be provided.


Who performs the Otoplasty?

At Skin Medical we enlist the services of leading NHS Ear Nose & Throat Consultation surgeons who are registered on the NHS Specialist Register. Our surgeons are not only experienced in cosmetic surgery but also reconstruction surgery.

The surgeon’s CV is available upon request.

How much does Otoplasty / Ear Correction cost?

Typical ear correction surgery costs £2200 for both ears treated under local anaesthetic. Ear reshaping prices will vary for unilateral treatment (one ear) and for treatment under general anaesthetic.

How do I arrange to have Otoplasty / Ear Correction?

The next step to finding out more about Ear Correction surgery is to arrange a consultation at either our Manchester or Leeds Clinic, both being located in the city centre. You can book a consultation with a clinician by either telephoning 0161 839 7663, or 0113 323 2735 or by booking online.

At consultation the clinician will ascertain the patient’s medical history, listen to their requirements and assess their suitability. The clinician will advise on pricing and answer all questions. Patients will have ample opportunity to reflect on the information provided to decide on the best course of action for ear reduction or reshaping. Medical consultations typically take 45 minutes, however could take longer depending on the number of questions asked. We understand that this is a big decision and we want patients to be totally satisfied that it is the right decision for them before committing to booking the procedure.


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