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Botox Oldham

Botox OldhamIf you live in the Oldham area and are considering having Botox, Skin Medical may be the answer for you. We are based in the centre of Manchester, just a short drive or bus journey away. All of our treatments are carried out by doctors and nurse prescribers, so you know that you will be in safe and capable hands and will get visible, natural looking results.

What Is Botox?

Botox has become one of the world’s most popular cosmetic treatments since it was first introduced over 20 years ago, with millions of people being treated every year. Botox is the product name for injections containing a refined form of Type A botulinum toxin and is commonly used to treat fine lines and wrinkles, as well as other medical problems such as migraines and bruxism.

Botox prevents the muscle that is being injected from contracted by blocking nerve impulses in the muscle. This reduction of muscle contraction results in smoother skin and a more relaxed appearance of the area that has been treated. By relaxing the facial muscles and reducing excessive facial movements, Botox can also prevent new lines from forming.

The Different Botox Products

Due to the rise in its popularity, many companies are now manufacturing what they claim to be Botox. These products may not necessarily have undergone the rigorous testing for safety and quality as products such as Allergan. At Skin Medical we only use Botox produced by Allergan; this is FDA approved and thus deemed safe for cosmetic use.

What To Do Next

We offer all of our patients a clinical consultation and skin evaluation with our doctor or nurse. During this consultation we will answer your questions, address your concerns, and discuss all aspects of the procedure and how Botox can help you. To book in for a consultation call our clinic on 0161 839 7663 and we will arrange a suitable time for you.