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Covid -19 and Your Skin

COVID -19 and Your Skin
In a time where wearing masks is essential to protect ourselves and
those around us, some of us are experiencing unwanted changes in
our skin due to prolonged mask wearing.
New research reported by Dr Hilary has found that wearing a mask is the single most important factor is stopping the spread of the disease.

Masks and Your Skin
It has been found that acne, eczema and dermatitis are becoming
more prevalent for most of us after a long day of wearing our masks.
Makeup lovers are seen to be at a higher risk as products such as
foundation can, unsurprisingly, lead to blockages in the skin.
Even if you are going makeup-free under your mask, an unwelcome
combination of sweat, bacteria, friction and pressure can also clog
the pores and contribute to these skin problems.

What Can I do?
Skin Medical recommends using a gentle facial cleanser such as cetaphil after taking off the mask and don’t use the same mask each day. Wash your cloth masks on a daily basis to prevent bacteria build up. You can use a benzoyl peroxide spot treatment on active spots, do not use scrubbing or excessive exfoliation and apply a gentle barrier cream to protect the skin from rubbing.

What if I still have issues?
As everyone’s skin condition is unique, the best advice is to seek professional help. You can ring Skin Medical on 0161 839 763 or check out our website