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Transgender TV Documentary – Transformation Street

Transgender Treatments

This three part series from ITV, provides unprecedented access to London transgender Surgery clinic, which treats both NHS and Private patients. The programme gives a unique insight into patients journey for transgender describing their issues not seen before on television.


It covers the challenges and lives of trans people as they undertake transformations

from one gender to the other. The topics covered are wide ranging and relevant.

Educating the wider population of their needs and complex issues was of major

benefit to many.

Skin Medical

Skin Medical, as a clinic providing NHS transgender services, we found it to be

compelling viewing. The programme follows men and women who believe they were

born into the wrong body, over 12 month period as they approach and undergo

transgender transitioning and in some cases surgery.

We learned that as of April 2017, there were 280 patients in the UK on the list for

gender reassignment surgery and another 169 consulting on the process, according

to the Imperial College Health Care Trust. Also figures published in July 2017

showed that the number of children being referred to gender identity clinics has

quadrupled in the past five years.

One question on the minds of some is whether the NHS is supportive enough of

people with gender dysphoria? It has been accepted that NHS has failed to prioritise

for transgender patient care, however the good news is that NHS now agreed to

expand the Service.

NHS Provider

Here at Skin Medical we are an NHS provider aiding patients in the clearance of hair

before gender reassignment. We also treat private patients. This is something which

we are proud to be associated with and gives us great joy to help patients on their

life changing journeys.

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