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Fake Cosmetic Doctor goes to Court

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Cosmetic injections. Who does it?

Fake Cosmetic Doctor goes to Court for giving fake Allergan cosmetic injection.

Bournemouth crown Court hears that three patients who where told that their practitioner was a qualified Doctor ended up in hospital or needing care. One receive anaphylactic shock which is life threatening and ended up in hospital. Two others had long lasting difficulty in eating and speaking. The fake doctor traded under his company called ‘Smooth Face Company’. He visited beauty spas and hairdressers to treat people.

The so called Doctor, was not on the General Medical Council. Consequently is being charged with causing grievous bodily harm and fraud. The muscle relaxing injection medication is said to be fake and he used incorrect concentration.
Patients have been left with permanent disfigurement.

So, What to do to protect yourself?

The lessons to be learnt is that patients seeking cosmetic injections for either fillers or muscle relaxing injection should seek consultation and injections from clinics registered by Care Quality Commission as they inspect these clinics and validate all persons on General Medical Council and Nursing and Midwifery Council.