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NHS Transgender Policies are Changing for the Better.

NHS Changes Transgender Policy

Transgender patients wSkin Medical Manchesterill be  interested to know that NHS England is to improve the existing  policies. Improvements are being implemented now and plan to be live this April 2018.

Clinician’s advisory body will be introduced to strengthen the Governance  for the Service. Gender identity patients can expect efficacy in service delivery and proper implementation as a result. Suppliers are to deliver new Service specifications introducing minimum requirements for standards and procurement criteria. The scope of Services are to be expanded for both transgender men and women. These policy changes will correct variances across the regions in terms of quality out comes. Examples being post code lottery, waiting times, range of treatments available.  NHS England and Clinical Commission Group funding will become clearer thus avoiding current confusion.

. The suppliers will improve the communication between by introducing close ties among networks.Primary Care workers will engagement more at all levels.

The principles being to improve implementation of service, affordability and thus achieving ‘value for money’.

Evidence of achieving such goals will be measured by quality indicators, namely Patient safety, Clinical effectiveness and Patient Experience. An example being, Transgender pathway being lowered to those patients 17 and older. All Patients will benefit from commitment to principles of equality,dignity and respect’ policy.

Younger people and existing patients will appreciate consistency of approach, clarity in Referral pathway together with proper monitoring of waiting lists. A 18 week period from referral to creation of treatment plan having completed two appointments is one target.  Transgender patients and clinicians will create shared decision making. Creation and appointment of named professional lead commissioner will be introduced. Recruitment and staff training of new and experienced personnel and introduction of voice therapy service will make further improvements. Collaboration across all networks of transgender service is to become a common theme.
Creation of measurable quality outcomes will become easier to achieve as GP’s will be  closely engaged as they will provide Prescribing services. GP’s with special interest’ status in Gender Identity Services, will be created. Private and NHS suppliers are  expected to deliver a better quality service at a lower cost per patient by introducing these initiatives.

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