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Can Lips Define Our Age?

Dermal Fillers ManchesterLips define so much about us! Our expressions and curving of our lips show our emotions, the makeup colours we use show our personal style.  However, Lips can also add age onto us, and make us look older than we actually are.

Below, are three characteristics of lips that may possibly be adding age onto your appearance…

Thinning Lips

Our collagen production slows down as we get older, and our once voluminous lips become thinner and more flat, making us look older. Lips begin shrinking between the ages of 30 and 40, and can artificially age a person. According to dermatologist Dr. Kleinsmith, one of the causes of thinning lips is UV Sun Damage. Wearing a lip balm that includes an SPF daily is crucial in helping protect lips from the effects of sun damage. Alternatively, Lip fillers such as Juvederm can help achieve a more youthful appearance, by precisely shaping your lips and providing more voluminous, plumper lips.

Too-Dark and Matte Lipsticks

Applying the wrong shade of lipstick can add years to your face, rather than making you look fresh and youthful. Specifically, a heavy, dark matte lip colour emphasises the thinness of lips and accentuates the lack of definition, which is a prominent feature in defining our age.  Also, avoid a matte finish lipstick, as this will make your lips appear flatter. Instead, you need to opt for lighter and glossier lipsticks, such as a mauve or pink tone. The extra gloss will add a youthful plumpness, and gives lips a more natural, flattering appearance.

Lip Lines and Wrinkles

Unfortunately, lip lines are an inevitable part of ageing. However, sometimes lip lines can appear sooner due to other factors such as genetics, sun exposure and smoking. There are three types of lip lines.

  • Smile Lines (Nasolabial Lines) – These lines are formed from the end of your nose to the corner of your mouth. They become more prominent as we age.
  • Marionette Lines – These are vertical lines found at the corner of your mouth. They have an effect on our facial expressions, making us appear more serious and angrier, even when our faces are relaxed.
  • Vertical Lip Lines – They are formed around the lips due to excessive lip movement. Unfortunately, they are unavoidable as we cannot sustain from emotion and moving our face. They are also called Smoker Lines, as regular smokers tend to press their lip together more frequently, resulting in the appearance of these lines.

Cosmetic Dermal Fillers such as Juvederm are very effective in softening the appearance of lines formed around the mouth.  Results are immediate and can last for several months. The newest innovation from Juvederm is their Vobella range, which is specially formulated with VYCROSS™ technology to deliver a more natural look, greater lift with results lasting up to one year! Previous Lip Fillers typically only last up to 6 months.

It is important to ensure that you select an experienced and certified Practitioner, as over injection or under injection can result in lips becoming too plump and unnatural, or too thin and could potentially throw off the sculptural balance to the face.  Skin Medical pride themselves in being highly trained Medical Practitioners’, providing the best in customer care, and ensuring you get the results you deserve.

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