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Embrace Your Beauty – Natural or Enhanced

non-surgical and surgical proceduresThere is much stigma and fear towards Injectables, and this has inevitably been created by the Media who often partake in condemning Muscle Relaxing Injection and plastic surgery. And yet, cosmetic enhancements including Injectables are becoming more widespread than ever; 30 million people visited the popular site ‘RealSelf’ last year to research cosmetic treatments, with Muscle Relaxing Injection being the #1 researched topic in 2015.

However, a large part of public commentary continue to shame Muscle Relaxing Injection and Injectables and have criticised Muscle Relaxing Injection users for being unnatural and setting a bad image for women. Particularly, people who are in the public eye often use Injectables and anti-ageing treatments to maintain their appearance and keep flawless at all times. They themselves have been subject to harsh trolling and shaming due to their decision to subtly change their appearance. A #Muscle Relaxing InjectionFree hashtag has become more popular on social media sites, whereby people are taking ‘selfies’ showcasing their lack of cosmetic enhancements, thus contributing to the public shaming.

It seems as if women cannot escape the criticism of age, they are critiqued for looking older and are now being condemned for attempting to look younger. What these critics tend to forget, is that billions of pounds is spent every year in the skincare and cosmetic industry. Women are becoming much more interested in non-surgical, anti-ageing solutions such as Injectables. By consistently shaming these women, they are more likely to be more secretive and resort to ‘Back-door Muscle Relaxing Injection’, which is extremely dangerous and can cause multiple complications.

The Media bombards us every day with airbrushed, wrinkle-free images of beautiful, young women and this can be very daunting to ageing women. And although the image of youth tends to be the ideal, we are now seeing older public figures such as Julia Roberts in photo-shopped beauty campaigns like Lancome, presenting a near-impossible image of beauty.  The expectation to look our best becomes a very confusing fight; society is constantly telling us ways to improve ourselves, look younger and mask our natural beauty. Yet, when we actually take the initiative to better ourselves and take advantage of anti-ageing treatments, we are then shamed for not being natural and not embracing the process of ageing.

Real women need to realise that these so called ‘natural’ images of celebrities are not achievable without some form of help. Some celebrities such as Iggy Azalea, are now owning up and admitting their surgeries. Owning up, empowers the average women to make similar decisions and to not be ashamed and have more realistic expectations. It is necessary for more public figures to come forward and continue to change the attitude towards Injectables and cosmetic enhancements. By taking control and owning our bodies we can embrace and love who we are, natural or enhanced.