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Hair Removal for NHS Transgender Patients…

laser hair removal face manchesterThere has always been controversy surrounding funding from the NHS in relation to Transgender patients. As time has progressed, the availability of hair removal on the NHS has become more widespread throughout England. Transgender patients now have an extensive choice of private clinics, including Skin Medical that are more than happy to offer hair removal treatments on behalf of NHS England. The prospect of having a hair free, smooth complexion and not having to worry about the constraints caused by body or facial hair is now plausible. Healthcare within England has opened its doors to improve the quality of life for every single person, with its aim to create a positive effect on individual self confidence.

We know that part of the journey of gender reassignment for our Trans patients is saying goodbye to a dominant sign of masculinity, which is facial hair. This male feature can cause the most discomfort, physically and psychologically. Here at Skin Medical, we aim to remove the stress caused by the inevitable ‘6 o clock shadow’ and not having to draw attention to yourself with heavy makeup.

Skin Medical offers two different forms of permanent hair removal and reduction. The first being, Electrolysis; this is the only permanent hair removal method that ensures hair is gone for a lifetime. It specifically targets blonde or grey hair. On the other side, there is Laser Hair Removal, this is seen as a long-term reduction method whereby after six to eight treatments you can expect up to 90% hair reduction. Any regrowth can be managed with touch-up treatments every six to 12 months. Laser Hair Removal is limited to dark black or brown hair that has more pigment. Further information on the treatments we offer and how Laser Hair Removal works can be found here.

Skin Medical’s practitioners are medically trained and experienced, and are therefore aware of the sensitive issues surrounding transgender procedures. We understand the frequent setbacks in the cost of transition, as it can be a very expensive process. Therefore, we strive to make the prospect of transitioning achievable through our partnership with NHS.

To book a free skin consultation with one of our experienced practitioners or to find out more about any of our treatments or products, please contact the Manchester city centre clinic on 0161 839 7663 or submit an online enquiry.