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Safety In Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal safetyLaser hair removal is a revolutionary treatment that’s popularity continues to soar. Year on year there is an increase in the number of people forgoing shaving and waxing, and opting to undergo laser hair removal treatment. However, if the treatment is performed in an improper environment, with inefficient technology or by an inexperienced, unqualified practitioner, the risks of laser hair removal can be high.

Last month, author Marian Keyes revealed how she put her life at risk after laser hair removal treatment by applying an anaesthetic cream she purchased online. After experiencing a painful treatment, she covered her legs in the cream and wrapped them in cling film before boarding a flight. The highly dangerous self-treatment almost resulted in ‘anaesthetic toxicity’ – a life threatening overdose. Whilst the use of anaesthetic cream in itself is not dangerous, using too much can be. Likewise, by using cling film, Marian Keyes increased how much of the cream was absorbed

Typically laser hair removal isn’t a painful experience. Instead many patients describe it as being uncomfortable – similar to an elastic band pinging against the skin. Advances in technology have further increased the comfort of the treatment. At Skin Medical we use the Lightsheer Diode system, which has a cool tip for increased comfort. This means the heat exchange between the laser and the skin is controlled.

Following treatment, patients should always receive appropriate aftercare advice. Unfortunately, within the industry, this isn’t always the case. Suitable aftercare advice in Marian’s case would have avoided the dangerous, life-threatening scenario she encountered. At Skin Medical we provide written aftercare advice and always cool the area which has been treated in clinic. We make sure to allocate time for this as part of the appointment. We also have a range of products which are suitable for applying to the area after treatment, to encourage the area to cool and to increase comfort. We’re also Care Quality Commission (CQC) Registered, which means our clinics are approved and monitored by the CQC.

The advantage of visiting medical practitioners is that they are able to offer medical advice – which in Marian’s case was essential. Laser hair removal is often trivialised as a treatment similar to waxing. But it’s important to remember that the risks involved are real, and can only be controlled properly if the practitioner is suitable qualified and experienced, the technology is sufficient and the environment is suitable.

You can find more information about laser hair removal at Skin Medical here. If you’d like to book in for a free consultation with one of our experienced medical practitioners, you can book online or contact the clinic on 0161 839 7663.