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New Standards for Cosmetic Procedures

Skin Medical ManchesterIn line with new guidance set out by the General Medical Council (GMC), doctors and surgeons must now follow strict regulations in order to ensure that they are held accountable for providing the best possible care for cosmetic patients.

The change in guidelines has been produced as a result of the review, carried out by Sir Bruce Keogh, into the standards in the cosmetic treatment industry. In this report, he paid particular attention to the risks associated with cosmetic procedures and how vulnerable patients need greater protection from aggressive sales tactics.

Coming into force from June, the new guidance dictates a number of changes that must be adhered to, ranging across all procedures from Liposuction to Dermal Fillers, or potentially face been struck off the medical register. The changes include:

Cosmetic clinics must now act more responsibly towards their marketing, ensuring that all advertising is completely transparent, factual and doesn’t use any promotional offers, or language, such as “two for one” deals.

It also restricts sales people from misinterpreting surgeons, stating that the procedure and all of its risks must be explained by a doctor, or surgeon. At Skin Medical, all consultations are carried out by the practitioner who is performing the procedure, so that you are fully educated on the procedure before making a decision. This particular regulation has been introduced to ensure that patients do not make “ill informed decisions”. This also means that consent must be obtained by the surgeon and not delegated to another person to do on their behalf.

Patients must also be given time to reflect, following their consultation. This allows them ample time to process the information that they have been given about the risks and complications, allowing them to decided whether or not they would like to continue, without feeling pressurised.

It is also the doctor’s responsibility to inform the patient of their aftercare options and ensure that they know who to contact and protocol of what will take place if they have any concerns, or experience any complications.

Skin Medical are governed and licensed by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and you can see the full breakdown of our most recent report here. This includes upholding the following standards of care:

  1. Quality of patient service to achieve optimum outcomes and results
  2. Patient safety and care
  3. Clinical staff training and competencies
  4. Patient confidentiality and dignity

With us, you can rest assured that you are receiving the highest level of care, across all procedures. Not only do we make it a priority for you to receive accurate information, so you can make an informed decision, but we also carry out healthcare assessments to ensure the treatment is suitable for you. It’s important to go with a trusted provider for cosmetic procedures to avoid the need for costly cosmetic surgery solicitors. Get it right from the beginning with trusted practitioners.

Not all clinics are the same and at Skin Medical we pride ourselves on being completely independent, allowing us to focus our entire attention on the safety of our patients.

If you would like to find out more, contact us on 0161 839 7663, or fill out our online contact form.