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The Future of Aesthetics: The Non-Surgical and Surgical Procedures of 2016

non-surgical and surgical procedures2016 will see a whole new range of both surgical and non-surgical procedures coming onto the market. A report by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery claims that due to social media making patients more aware of their looks, 1 in 3 practitioners have seen a rise in demand for plastic surgical.

One of the new non-surgical procedures entering the market is known as Kybella, a treatment that The Sun claims will “do for double chins what Muscle Relaxing Injection has done for wrinkles.” Kybella is made of deoxycholic acid which dissolves fat and breaks it down into small particles which are then absorbed by the body. It’s an FDA approved treatment and has been suggested for use on small areas of flab like double chins – however it may also be useful for fat around the knees or the fold around the bra line. It should be available in the UK later this year, although as of yet a launch date hasn’t been confirmed.

Another popular procedure this year is expected to be labia lipo. Due to fashion trends leaning towards tighter clothing and the increase in the popularity of exercise clothes – driving a new trend known as ‘athleisure wear’- women are wanting to remove extra for from the area. As the demand for this surgery is increasing, new non-surgical alternatives are also being developed. One such alternative is the MonaLisa Touch – which involves laser treatment inside the vagina to stimulate collagen production.

Meanwhile the demand for breast enhancements took a dip in 2014 with 23% fewer procedures being performed, according to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS). There has been an increased demand for a more natural look using smaller implants instead, to give a little bit of a boost. One London clinic has began to offer B-lite implants which are filled with silicate (a silicone gel), making them light than others. However it could be a couple more years until these implants become widely available.

Subtle procedures are expected to continue to be popular throughout 2016. In one study it was found that 72% of Brits who are considering a cosmetic procedure wanted minor results that only they will notice. Many women want to avoid going under the knife altogether, which is why there is a constant evolution of non-surgical facelifts and other procedures. PDO threads lifts are increasing in popularity, and are one of the exciting new treatments available now at Skin Medical. Thread lifts have been dubbed a non-surgical facelift, in which the facial area is numbed using a local anaesthetic before dissolvable threads are injected to lift certain areas of the face.

2016 is set to be an exciting year for surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatments.