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Start Thinking About Your Summer Body Now!

VASER Lipo Manchester | Skin MedicalIt can be a blow to your self esteem when summer comes around and you don’t feel totally confident in your body. Fat can collect in unwanted areas, distorting your shape, in both males and females, and VASER Lipo can be an effective way to help you reach your body goals.

Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for both men and women. Many of whom decide to undergo the treatment to help improve their body contour, giving them a more desirable, attractive shape. Advancements in technology, which we have adopted at Skin Medical, allow us to perform VASER Lipo. This procedure is minimally invasive, giving you a quicker recovery time and is causes much less trauma to the body than traditional liposuction.

Lack of self esteem because of the way you feel about your body can cause a great deal of discontent, making this relatively quick procedure a great way to remove localised pockets of fat that are distorting your body shape. Whilst many people assume that liposuction is for the obese, the best candidates are actually those who are already in good physical condition, or wish to improve the body contour. The results are more dramatic when removing fat from problem areas such as the upper arms, love handles, tummy or upper thigh. In men, this procedure is particularly popular among those wishing to change the shape, or minimise the size of their chest.

What Makes Vaser Liposuction So Effective?

One of the best elements of Vaser Lipo is that it is much less invasive than other liposuction procedures. This technique of fat removal means the procedure takes less time to perform, has faster recovery times and results become more visible, quicker. Unlike traditional liposuction, VASER only requires local anaesthetic and the results produce much less scarring.

VASER Lipo works by using advanced ultrasound energy to break down fat cells. This process means that the cells can be removed easily using suction and lymphatic drainage massage. The sound-waves only target the fat cells, leaving other types of tissue (e.g. nerves, blood vessels) unharmed, reducing the risk of trauma and poor results. Another amazing benefit to VASER is that it stimulates collagen production in the skin, having a tightening effect which minimises the possibility of loose skin following the procedure.

Now that Spring/Summer is fast approaching, don’t waste any time in arranging a consultation to discover if VASER Lipo is the solution for you. For more information, contact one of our clinicians using our online contact form, or by calling our Manchester clinic on 0161 839 7663.