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Everyday Habits that may be Ruining your Skin

Skin clinic manchester | Skin MedicalMaintaining a bespoke skin care routine may be the key to a beautiful complexion, however, we are all guilty of letting our routine slide from time to time. Aside from forgetting to apply your moisturiser once in while, there are a number of beauty mistakes that you may have fallen victim to, which can be detrimental to your skin. Below are some of the most common blunders, which may be sabotaging your skin without you even realising.

Not removing your make-up before bed

Removing your make-up before bed must be a priority if you wish to maintain a clear complexion. Leaving your make-up on throughout the night can lead to blocked pores, a build up of bacteria, breakouts and in time, enlarged pores. Throughout the day, your skin collects dirt from various factors such as pollution and dirt that can mix within your make-up and the oils on your skin. Failing to wash your face before bed can not only leave these on your skin, leading to break outs, but will also transfer onto your pillow… Which brings us to our next mistake.

Not changing your bed sheets regularly

If you are only changing your bed sheets once a month, unfortunately this isn’t good enough. Bed sheets, especially your pillow, harbour germs, oils, sweat and bodily fluids. If you aren’t changing your sheets regularly, the bacteria contained in your pillow can transfer back onto your face whilst you sleep, causing a build up. If you already suffer from acne, this can make it much worse and may be contributing to flare ups on the face.

Using dirty make-up brushes

Dirty make up brushes are a gateway to causing acne and blemishes. Even if you apply your make-up to a clean face, your brush is still gathering oils from your face, dust and dead skin cells, on top of a build up of product. If you apply foundation to your skin daily, you should be washing your make-up brushes once a week, to avoid skin irritation.

Constant yo-yo dieting

Frequent fluctuations in weight may not be something that you’d immediately associate with your skin, however it does have an effect. When the skin is stretched out again and again, over time the elasticity will be compromised. This is will lead to loose, less firm skin, especially in places such as the nose to cheek folds. Unfortunately when the skin looses its elasticity, it cant be regained, however treatments such as Botox injections and dermal fillers can help to fill in the lost volume in the face to give a more youthful appearance.

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