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Dermal Fillers Aftercare Advice

The popularity of dermal fillers is increasing every year, even in spite of the ever looming recession and economic downturn. Modern dermal fillers, particularly those that are properly regulated, tested, FDA approved, and administered by a qualified and experienced practitioner, give patients a natural, refreshed look that enhances their natural beauty.

Read below for some advice from Juvéderm, one of the world’s most popular dermal filler brands, about proper aftercare to ensure that you get the best results from your fillers.


1. It is recommended that you do not wear any makeup for 12 hours following the treatment.

2. Avoid any extended exposure to the sun, UV rays and temperatures below 0°C after treatment.

3. It is normal for there to be slight redness, swelling and tenderness around the treated area immediately after treatment. These signs generally disappear within a few days, but make sure you contact your practitioner if they persist.

4. Do not enter a sauna or similar environment for 2 weeks following treatment.

5. The risk of bruising and bleeding may be higher if you are taking aspirin, high doses of vitamin C or any other anti-coagulants. Discuss any concerns that you have with your medical aesthetic practitioner.

6. If you believe that you are experiencing any adverse side effects, contact your practitioner immediately.

This may make dermal fillers treatment sound scarier than it is. As with any medical or aesthetic procedure there are some risks involved, but by following the correct aftercare instructions you will reduce these risks and aid the end results.

Juvéderm has also recently launched its This Is Me campaign, exploring why and what types of different people have dermal fillers. As fillers become more advanced and popular, they are used by a wider range of people for a greater variety of reasons. This Is Me also promotes the responsible use of fillers, such as by ensuring that the products are legitimate and that the clinics and clinicians are properly qualified: an important consideration when you are looking to undergo any cosmetic treatment.

If you have any questions about dermal fillers, your treatment, or if you want to find out more, take a look around our website or contact a member of our team using the form on the right.