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New VI Peel For Skin Pigmentation

pigmentation treatment

A New Peel?

A new option available for those suffering from pigmentation, including hypopigmentation, hyperpigmentation and age spots is the VI Peel.  More details of this can be found if you see (see the testimonials section for before and after photos) The VI chemical skin peel is very effective and clinically proven treatment that gives fantastic results .

From a practitioner’s perspective, the VI peel has many benefits including the ease of use and that no preparation is required prior to peel being done. This substantially reduces costs as no additional products are required for purchase prior to treating patients with the VI Peel.

Is The VI Peel For Me?

This peel can be used on all skin types. The recovery time is very minimal and will enjoy the effects of the peel within one week.

The VI Peel improves the tone, texture and clarity of the skin. It helps to diminish the appearance of skin pigmentation and to reduce the appearance of pore size. A great reason for choosing the VI Peel as a skin pigmentation treatment is that the treatments dramatically improve melasma, PIH and UV induced hyper pigmentation.

In addition to skin pigmentation problems, the VI Peel can help reduce the appearance of dark eye circles. It is safe to use on the face, eye area, neck, chest and hand areas, so is an ideal treatment for any skin pigmentation, discolouration or texture problems.

Unlike many peels, particularly harsher chemical peels, the VI Peel is suitable for patients over the age of 12 years.

The treatment takes less than 30 minutes meaning you can return to normal daily activities immediately.

If you would like to find out more or book in for a consultation and peel, call one of our clinics today to speak to a member of our staff:

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