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Dermal filler Leeds Manchester with only 6 hours training?

A scam involving hundreds of beauticians having no previous medical training or experience has been revealed whereby they paid over £1,000 for one days training in dermal fillers.

Undercover reporters from The Sunday Times revealed inadequate knowledge and techniques from these beauticians that put customers at risk. The UK government is due to make recommendations in March on how to protect patients from risks of dermal fillers and professional medical groups are of opinion that treatments should always be performed by qualified medical personnel who have the necessary medical knowledge of facial anatomy.

At Skin Medical you will be glad to know that we only employ fully qualified nursing and medical staff experienced in application of dermal fillers for lips, cheeks and skin folds. Dermal filler injections are available at both our city centre clinics in Manchester and Leeds.

Dermal Fillers
Dermal Fillers