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Which? Consumer Gives Advice When to Walk Away From a Consultation at a Clinic

Which?, the consumer organization funded by the government, advises potential clients when to walk away. They called them ‘walk-away warnings.’

You should ask to see the surgeon. They say that if you are having surgery and can’t see the surgeon beforehand…..then walk away.

You must ensure the clinic is Registered by Healthcare Commission. If the clinic isn’t registered with the Healthcare Commission…..then walk away.

If the staff or clinicians at the clinic are putting pressure on you to have surgery or treatments that you don’t want or need?…….then walk away.

If you are offered Muscle Relaxing Injection® by someone other than a nurse, doctor or dentist…..then walk away.

If the staff or clinicians at clinic or hospital are telling you to sign straight away or lose the deal…..then walk away.

We are pleased to report that none of these issues have ever been practiced at Skin Medical.

Which? performed undercover research at 19 clinics including those in Manchester and London, and Skin Medical look forward to these finding being published by Which? later this year (2008). Skin Medical back the Which? Recommendations that these standards be incorporated into the Health and Social care Bill for subsequent enforcement in UK Law.