Advanced Liposuction Technique Shapes Ankles and Calves
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Advanced Liposuction Technique Shapes Ankles and Calves Safely and Precisely

Body contouring using advanced technology, such as ultrasound or laser, has proven to be more successful in achieving optimum outcomes for sculpting ankles and calves compared to traditional liposuction, according to report by leading plastic surgeons. It was reported in Cosmetic Surgery Times that body sculpting to the lower legs was less traumatic and gave better results using this method, with the reason for this being that these instruments in experienced and skilled hands can sculpt and artistically define the ideal shape for patient’s ankles and calves with precision and accuracy.

Liposelection using vaser liposuction has become a popular choice for both surgeons and patients as the benefits over conventional liposuction are significant.

Advanced liposuction, such as vaser lipo, has become a popular cosmetic procedure for sculpting the ankle and calf region, and though classic liposuction under general anaesthetic may be more efficient for the surgical practitioner, in experienced hands advanced lipo body sculpting is more precise and can result in superior aesthetic outcomes. Studies have shown that by using these precision instruments we are able to achieve far superior results that previously could only be dreamed of. Difficult to treat areas such as the ankles and calves using vaser lipo can be enhanced and preserve vital structures such as blood vessels, nerves and lymphatics because such fine instrumentation under local anaesthetic is employed.

Plastic consultants performing liposuction experience shows that irrespective of technique – advanced liposuction or traditional surgical liposuction – treatment should not be performed in patients who have less than 8 mm of fat in the calf and ankle region. In these cases, there would be too much of a risk of damaging delicate blood vessels, nerves and lymphatics.

It is recognised that post-treatment, patients will require application of stiff bandages to be worn throughout the day to provide adequate lymphatic drainage supplemented by daily massage therapy. In addition, patients are advised and encouraged to wear support garments and or compression stockings for several weeks following any liposuction procedure of the lower leg to assist lymphatic drainage.

At Skin Medical, our Plastic Surgeon is a Consultant experienced in body sculpting and in treatment of ‘cankles’ to shape calves and ankles for optimum results.

Source: Cosmetic Surgery Times; 1 July 2011

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