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Read About ‘The Times’ Reporter’s experience at Skin Medical

Extract from 3 January 2011, New Year, New You article.

Note : Skin Medical was the only clinic outside London that got a ‘Highly Recommended’ write up.

Skin Medical – Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool

USP: Dedicated to improving Skin Conditions resulting from injury, desease, disorder or simply ageing. No sales persons. Care Quality Commission Registered.


This is amazing. In my youth I longed for a tan, but now I am paying for it with sun-damaged skin: heavy freckles and two age spots which have resisted bleaching creams. If there was one thing I wanted to change it was this. I chose Skin Medical because it is run by doctors and nurses, so I felt entirely safe; a qualified nurse explained everything carefully, answered my questions patiently and took a detailed history.

Two different applications, Intense Pulse Light (IPL) and a Pulsed Laser, were used to improve the signs of ageing, breaking down age spots and thread veins, reducing enlarged pores, stimulating collagen to tone and freshen the skin. Treatments take 30 minutes and aren’t painful, it’s like being pinged with a rubber band; afterwards my skin tingled gently for half an hour. The freckles and age spots darkened at first, but within a week were much paler, a thread vein had almost vanished and my skin felt softer. I’m thrilled.

Three to five treatments are needed at 3-weekly intervals.

Prices start from £75 per treatment for small patches up to £250 per
treatment for the whole face.